About La Serra

La Serra is the commercial nursery owned by Joris Lijten. He started selling pot plants to members of the public from a hobby greenhouse when he was still a student. When his hobby started to get out of hand, he decided to found La Serra in Beek en Donk in 1993. Unable to expand at this location, the company moved to its current site in Esch in 1999. It’s here that we became the company we are today.

Besides growing pot and hanging plants - still one of La Serra’s mainstay products - we also set out to find new products in Italy and Spain. Which is how we started importing and selling trees and shrubs. Multiple times a year, Joris travels to southern Europe, where he visits nurseries to select trees to sell at La Serra.

Over the years, La Serra’s range has significantly expanded its range. It now consists mainly of hardy, evergreen trees and shrubs that thrive in the Dutch climate. We supply our trees, shrubs and plants to a big network of business customers that include wholesalers, landscape gardeners, garden centres and other resellers. La Serra doesn’t sell directly to members of the public.

Today, La Serra is a versatile, service-oriented, family company. Joris is responsible for the range of products on offer and is the face of the company. His wife, Mariëlle, makes sure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. The atmosphere is professional but informal. Lines of communication are short, which both customers and employees appreciate. We have a close-knit and driven team and can always rely on each other: we do it together.