Trees and shrubs

Green professionals like landscape gardeners, wholesalers, garden centres and other resellers come to us for a wide range of (specimen) trees and shrubs. Our extensive range enables us to supply customers with many different varieties, including big(ger), mature trees. We inspect and select products ourselves, sourcing mainly from growers in Italy and Spain. We always have plenty of products for customers to choose from (cash & carry) and receive new stock every week. This enables us to help customers that are looking for something special or need trees or shrubs quickly.

Our range originally consisted mainly of Mediterranean trees, shrubs and pot plants but has gradually expanded to include other varieties too. We follow trends and developments in the market and respond to them. We are always looking for beautiful products that thrive in the Dutch climate and are in demand here. For example, evergreen (espalier) trees or trees and shrubs that don’t cause a lot of mess in the garden.

We sell many of our trees and shrubs in pots and containers, which means that they are available and can be planted all year round. As you might expect, we also supply a wide range of (wire) rootball and bare root products.


If you are looking for a product in a variety or size we do not have in stock, let us know and we will source the products in question for you!

Any questions about our exclusive plants?

Our specialists will be pleased to help. They have years of experience in the green industry. Some of them have been with La Serra since they had holiday jobs with us when they were teenagers. Others have done a study relevant for the horticultural sector. What our specialists all have in common is the fact that each and every one of them has worked hard to become enthusiastic all-round employees who are responsible for buying and selling our trees and shrubs.

Team La Serra ExclusivePlants

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