Complete solutions

Service is key at La Serra. With our unique knowledge of the growers’ world, we are able to take care of everything for our customers. Any they really appreciate it.

For example, the total solutions we offer landscape gardeners. Armed with garden designs, we use our knowledge of the market to source the products on their ‘shopping lists’. In addition to the plants we buy and grow ourselves, we also source trees, shrubs and plants from the best growers in the Netherlands and Belgium. They enable customers to buy everything in one place, which keeps things clear and easy.

In the United Kingdom, we have built up a customer base, consisting of garden centres and wholesalers, etc., which we supply with (perennial) plants, shrubs and trees from the Netherlands and the rest of Europe via weekly shipments.

If you would like to know more about our services, contact us for more information or to arrange a meeting.

Any questions about our complete solutions?

Our multitasker Aron de Kruijf is your man! He knows exactly where to look in the Netherlands and Belgium to source products for customers. Add our southern European products into the mix and you can always rely on him to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Aron de Kruijf

Purchasing / sales